Adi & Shay

The studio of Adi and Shay Lahover was established by Shay over 35 years ago after graduating from the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. A few years later Shay was joined by partner in life and in business, Adi, and we have been making jewellery together ever since.



Our artistic space

Our studio is an artistic space, combining a workshop and a shop, where we design and make our jewellery in a unique and expressive style. We work with 22-Karat and 24-Karat gold, interlaced with rare precious stones from around the world.

Traditional handcrafting


We passionately believe in the value of traditional handcrafting methods and take pride in the visceral qualities of melting, welding, hammering and moulding the raw materials; shaping them into works of art.  

Timeless and exclusive charm

Every single piece we create is bespoke and distinct, carefully handcrafted by us from start to finish, making it literally – one of a kind.  The rich warmth of the gold and the natural essence of the precious stones give our jewellery a timeless and exclusive charm and an everlasting quality.    

Come visit us

Adi and Shay Lahover Studio is open Sunday- Thursday, 10am – 6pm and Friday 10am- 1pm.  Appointments with costumers are welcome, we are happy to co-design bespoke Jewellery and reshape costumers’ exciting jewllerey upon request.  


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